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Welcome to Wall Art Wonderland

My name is Pia and I'm the artist creating the art for the Wall Art By Pia.

Last 15 years I've been creating mostly abstract art and I was in a process of starting to sell limited editions here on the web shop but it didn't feel right so I had a long pause and decided that hey, it's 2022 and it's time to create something new so now I've created very different kind of art. The first collections here are inspired by pop art and Andy Warhol and social media and AI and well, by this moment and nowness and by the realization of how everything that is now is always somehow intertwined with what was, there's no future without history.

These pop art themed collections are computer creations but built on real photographs. I'm a photographer after all ha ha, although I like to think that creative pursuits should not have limit in the use of format and medium or even level of training! 

Originally I'm from Finland, studied Photographic Arts in University of Westminster in London, England and now living in Los Angeles, California.


I hope that you enjoy my work!


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