In this section you might find the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have more questions please email or fill in the Contact Form, that can be found under 'Info' in Navigation Menu.

What does Limited Edition mean?


When art is sold in Limited editions, access to buy it is limited by the offered quantity. When an edition will sold out, that's it, there will be no more, ever. The only way to buy an art piece from a sold out limited edition, is to buy it from someone who has previously purchased it, so buying art from a Limited edition can be seen also as an investment.


There are slightly different approaches on how artists set their Limited editions, some might offer Limited edition of 200 prints, some may sell only originals, and then there are various versions in between.


For comparison, Open edition means that the number of prints that can be sold is unlimited, so in theory, millions of people can have same art piece on their wall.

What are the Limited Editions like in Wall Art by Pia?


Wall Art by Pia sells Limited editions by Size and keeps quantities relatively small, at least for now. You can find the info for currently offered Editions on top of each of the shop gallery page. It doesn't matter which frame you choose, only the purchased size counts in the numbered Limited editions.


An example, if the Limited edition for size 30 x 20" is 20, and the work is available in three different frame options, 'Solid Matte Frame', 'ArtBox' and 'Print on Aluminum' then for example when the work is bought 12 times in Solid Matte Frame and 8 times in ArtBox Frame, that equals 20, the quantity of that Limited edition and in other words, then that Limited edition for the 30 x 20" size has sold out.


Wall Art by Pia keeps a database of the Limited editions and and all the sold work is numbered and documented. Wall Art By Pia will also email the buyer a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Which frame should I choose?


Which ever frame option you'll choose, you can be sure that you are getting an artwork that is of the highest professional quality. Non-fade colors and protection under matte glass, that reduces glare and resists fingerprints.

The frame choice is really about what pleases your eye the most and works best on your wall. All the options come with pre-mounted hanging system and are ready to hang on the wall. You only need some hooks and hanging wire to do the actual hanging.

The Frame Options


'Photo Print Under Matte Acrylic Glass' is ready to hang without a frame. The photograph is sealed between a sturdy aluminum backing and acrylic glass, which makes the presentation on the wall look professional.


'Photo Print Under Matte Acrylic Glass in Silver Aluminum ArtBox' is the same as the 'Photo Print Under Matte Acrylic Glass' but comes framed in Aluminum ArtBox, that gives the work a stylish 3D effect.


'Photo Print Under Mirogard Museum Glass in Solid Matte Frame with Passe-partout' is a traditional Gallery Quality presentation combined with a modern matte frame.

matte frame.jpg

What is Mirogard Glass?

Mirogard Museum Glass is a very high quality anti-reflective glass for exhibiting art. It blocks 99% of UV light but at the same time provides a crystal clear transparency to view the artwork so it has the best possible color stability. It's also shatterproof and offers a very durable protection for the art print.

If you choose this Solid matte frame, please do note, that the exterior size of the work is much bigger than the picture size, because the Passe-partout and the frame add to the size.


If you order picture size 24 x 16 inch, the actual size with the frame is 29.4 x 21.4 inches

If you order picture size 30 x 20 inch, the actual size with the frame is 35.4 x 25.4 inches

If you order picture size 36 x 24 inch, the actual size with the frame is 41.4 x 29.4 inches


Pre-mounted Hanging System
All the frame options come with integrated hanging system.

Faq24x16BACK ACR.jpg


Why can't I buy the Abstracts as a paper print?


Mostly for practical reasons. I want to make sure that the work you'll get is in a mint condition so to say, and not only when you'll get it but also in years to come. The best way to ensure the long lasting quality is to sell the work sealed under protective glass combined with a durable frame, so that the print will stay in good condition year after year.


Is there no way around this?


if I really just want to buy a paper print and forget all what you just said?


Yes, you can. If you want to buy the work as a paper print, you can buy it as Hahnemühle FineArt Print. In such case, simply send an email to sales@wallartbypia.com and your print will be sold from the size quantity of your chosen limited edition.


Is the work signed?


Yes. The work is signed with a dim and discreet watermark type signature. It's there but doesn't steal attention from the work.


Again, if you'd rather have unsigned work, please email and ask for it before buying.

How long it takes to get the artwork delivered?

In general, the artwork will be delivered in 11 - 14 business days. This is an estimate since the delivery time depends on the destination. All artwork ship in custom-made, art secure packaging via UPS, FedEx or DHL.

Can I return the work?


If it's broken or there's something wrong with it, absolutely you can. In such case please contact us immediately. Customer satisfaction is very important to Wall Art By Pia, so even if there is nothing wrong with the work you can return within 30 days of purchase. Before you do, please contact first to get the instructions how to return. And please keep the original box so you can send it back in it.